Welkom to the online surf quiz. Below you can find all the info you need about the quiz. Have fun and surf on!

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What do you need?


A laptop with a good internet connection.

Second Screen

A second screen (or a tv, phone or laptop) on which you can fill in the answers from the answer forms. Or you could show the quiz on that screen and fill in the answers on your laptop. Make sure that you always only use one answer form per team!

Friends or Family

The online surf quiz will be even more fun when you do the quiz together with your (surf) friend, colleagues of family. Please make sure to oblige to the current Corona rules in your country or city. Or you could watch the quiz from home and video call through your phone, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts or Skype.

How does the surf quiz work?

1. Inschrijven

Schrijf je in voor de Quiz via de bovenstaande groene button.

2. Drinks & snacks

Zorg voor voldoende drinken en snacks voor tijdens de quiz in de huiskamer of achter jouw bureau.

3. Open the Quiz

Make sure that you open the link to the quiz 15 min before it starts.

4. Team name

Add your name + your team name to the screen in Zoom and enjoy the Quiz!

The online surf quiz will be held in Zoom. Currently we have a maximum participant of 100 people. When the Zoom meeting is full, we will also stream the Quiz on YouTube. When we start with the quiz everyone will be set on mute. You can join the quiz by yourself, however it would be a lot more fun if you join with a (surf) friend, colleague, or family member. Make sure that you (video) call each other separately via your phone, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts or Skype so that you can discuss the questions with your team member or members without letting other people know in our Zoom call.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you are present in the Zoom call at 20:15 with your name + team name (example: Kelly – Team Goat). You will receive an email with the invitation at least one hour before the Quiz starts.
  • We start the Quiz at 20:30. Make sure that you have something to drink and a snack and that you have opened the answer form for Form 1 (see below).
  • If you have any questions you can ask them in the chat.
  • Please make sure that only one person filling in the answer forms. When there are multiple forms with the same team name then we will accept the one that has the least points. Therefore make sure that you have a unique name (for example with numbers and !@#$ characters). In addition, in order to count the total, it is important that you always use the same team name. Therefore, always copy past your team on a separate note so that you can easily past it into the new form.
  • Googling is allowed!
    Because it is impossible to check if someone used Google during the Quiz and because it can be fun if you do not know a lot, googling is allowed. We will try to create questions that are not easy to Google. And at the end we ask a question if you used Google or not. Please answer this truthfully.
  • Finally, please check your answers for grammar and typo’s. In this case you can use Google to make sure that the title or names are correct and there are no mistakes. This ensures that it will be easier for us to check all the answers and we can provide the results quicker. Unfortunately, we have to disapprove answers that have spelling mistakes or characters like ! ? , . behind them.

You will find our live stream (via YouTube) above. And if you are one of the 100 people that can join our Zoom meeting then you will receive an invite link via the email that you have given us.

The forms will open from 20:20
Please be aware that we open the forms around 20:15. Therefore make sure to refresh the link just before we start the quiz if you don’t see the form yet. Below you can click on de links (in blue) to go to the right form.

Form 1 (rond 1 & 2)
The yellow form.

Form 2 (ronde 2 & 3)
The brown form.

Please make sure to send/submit your form after we have finished the final round. Because when the time to submit the form has ended, we will close them. Finally, it is important to only use one form per team. In the end the team that has scored the most points over all the rounds will win the quiz and receive eternal fame and glory!

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